Scandal (Scandal #1)




Everyone lies.

Katherine, the Duchess of Hampshire, is a liar. Her marriage is one of convenience. Of necessity. But it’s becoming increasingly difficult to remind herself of this when she’s in the company of her enigmatic husband John and his lover, an artist by the name of Henry Fletcher.

Everything changes between the three of them after an otherwise uneventful evening. Words once left unsaid are spoken, repressed feelings can no longer be contained, and with just a few fevered whispers, their futures are forever altered.

But there is a darkness drawing closer to them, and just when they think they have a chance at true happiness, it’s snatched from their fingers by an unseen enemy.


Scandal is a historical romance web serial. It contains mature content. Reader discretion is advised.


  1. Scandal is probably one of the best books I have ever read on wattpad. I started reading it late at night and every time I tried sleeping, I couldn’t stop thinking about it and ended picking my up my phone to continue reading. Then, it stopped. I was wondering if you planned on continuing writing the story, or if you did and I just couldn’t find the rest.

    1. The rest of the story is written. I posted it about two years ago, then took it down to do some serious edits. I had been reposting each chapter once they were done, but then 2016 came along and totally walloped me. I’m hoping 2017 will be better, and that I’ll have much more time to write, edit, and post. Thank you so much for your kind words, and for reading!

  2. The cover is absolutely gorgeous! I only found this today and I am absolutely hooked. I’m dying to read more but will wait patiently for more, makes me partly regret not discovering this earlier so I could have read the older version…

  3. Hi Navessa I just came across Scandal and am dying to finish it. Is there anyway you can still provide access to the full book even though you didnt edit it all the way?
    It is driving me nuts!!! Keep up the amazing work. Fan in a heartbeat.

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