1. Im screamingggggg
    Woman you have me on the edge of my seat fangirling 💕

    This was soooo good 😍😍😍
    And the fact that Fred likes him AND NO ONE ELSE!!


  2. *puffs out a breath* *clears throat*
    Nope nothing, I got nothing…. Aly, call the cops! But also, maybe call Josh instead *waggles brows*
    Though I also loved the bit about Fred liking the big, scary man who is so terrified he would hurt him that he’d never touched a cat before. *cackles*

  3. The irony of seeing the notif for this chapter being posted immediately following therapy is not lost on me.

  4. Can I just say… 🙂 I am so…URGH!!!! YOU!!! OOF! I love it!!!!
    Urgh! I can’t wait to see what happens if she does go to him for help🤣🤣🤣 maaaaaan!!! This book so far had me literally sitting on the edge of my bed for a chapter here and there 🙃 I LOVE IT!!!!

    1. Thank you so much! Seven should be up in a day or two and then eight shortly after. Do not read eight in public 🥵

  5. Omgggg just found this book last night and have been waiting all day today to read it, so worth it!!! How long do i have to wait for the next chapter? 😍😍

          1. Yeah and then I couldn’t use my name becauae I thought I’d already made the account with it and it wouldn’t let log in or anything bahahah, but it’s all good now, as long as I can find this book I’m happy as heckkkk!

  6. Came across this on Instagram yesterday and read the available chapters today after I couldnt stop thibking about it, and I’m literally dying!!
    I love the cheesy stories you find on insta and did not expect this one to be so well written – holy crap. This story line too!! Oh my god I’m so excited to read more!!!

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