1. Praise kink!? Yes. Same my guy.
        Teasing!? Yes please.
        She got him to whimper what a queen yes!! I love when they beg.
        He’s adorable to want to mark the date down. And just how down bad for her he is in general.
        Miss ma’am I told you in TT comments I  would read this on break at work and I did. (I’m unhinged I know.) Makes the day brighter and better. I got to the how you taste when he finishes part and my timer to go back went off. I was literally punching the air in my empty (thank god) breakroom 😭 but this chapter had me giggling and smiling like a school girl. Again thank god I was alone lol. I’ll have to finish the rest later. But I salute you. Thank you for the quality. I wasn’t sure how this book would go. But I’m enjoying it so much and so excited for the full release. I cannot wait for the hardcover edition. This book is a must for my library. Again thank you for a great read!

  1. Yesterday was such a shitshow at work that I was CRAVING this chapter and I was so bummed when it didn’t show. Now you are forgiven … except now I have to go into work with this roaming through my head. lmfao. The amount of times I’m going to giggle at random phrases like “No touchy. Still angry.” is going to be award-worthy.

    1. Thank you SO MUCH! I’m sorry for the delay, but I added about 1.5k words to this during edits so it slowed me down.

      1. Well, I did in fact grin and giggle all through my shift and now I’m home and can settle in for a reread before going back to my own NaNo fun.

        1. Thank you so much! I’ve been busy cranking this out I’ve forgotten to log a single hour over there 🙃

      1. 😭😭 forget the holiday…..Lights Out chapters are life! This is the celebration. This is our family we need to be with.

          1. And I mean that in a good way. I truly feel like I’ve found my people with this book and I would much rather hang out with you all and write for you than face family during the holidays.

            1. I genuinely love this book and the way you write and just all of it. My coworker/friend and I have been texting about it A LOT and excitedly updating each other as soon as we see a new chapter. I also don’t think I’ve ever pre-ordered a book so fast in my life 😅 I will be treasuring it like it’s my first born

  2. Oh damn, I shouldn’t like this so much, should I? Well, I don’t care, I frickin love this, I could read this on and on and never have enough 😅❤️
    (And I don’t even have mask kink lol)

  3. I live for the fact that their first *interaction* was an entirely different power balance than what both of them thought they wanted. Also, I marked to many quotes from this. Turning clichés around is my favourite thing (“I let out the beath I knew damn well I’d been holding”).

  4. Deranged? Protective? Same thing. And the wish to just wife her up? And already committed for the long haul? Preplanning for their 1 year anniversary? Bless this man. 😵🥰

  5. Sighing and placing the preorder because I guess I’m learning new kinks of my own. Now time to ask my husband if he could be into knives…

  6. 🥵 I’ve never really been into knife play before ….. BUUUUUUT…. 👀I’m here for it

    This book is going to easily take the number one spot for all time favorite book. I can already tell.
    I literally canceled a work meeting to read this chapter… and re-read it 😂

    1. OMG THANK YOU. Also, the number of kinks I’ve unlocked for people makes me feel like a proud mama, and I don’t even have kids 🤣

  7. I found this scrolling Instagram and the hold it has on me is UNGODLY. I started reading at like 3am this morning and have been glued to my phone for an update. THANK YOU!

  8. “Praise kink: unlocked”??? Oh Joshy boy – youre screwed 🤣🤣
    I think my favorite line is definitely him vowing to mark the calendar for their first fight 🤣 this man has it bad.

    I am completely unhinged for you maam. Like this isnt even finished and its going up there with my all time favorite books. Im trying to drag my friends down this dark rabit hole with me 🤣🤣

    I loved the banter, the personality of the characters, the way you make us love josh and he hasnt even spoken this chapter!! I love how aly is portrayed as well – a desperate woman ready to let go the minute she realises shes safe

    But uuuuuuugh the way you edge the fuck out of your readers is just 🥵🥵🥵 ive said it before and I’ll say it again…i will beg on my knees for more. …..now to go beg my husband 🤣🤣
    -Julie 😘😘

    1. Ahhhhh! Thank youuuuu! I will cry for the second time today over a comment on here. I’LL DO IT. I SWEAR, JULIE.

  9. The way that SHE was the one to hurt him by taking away his pain is the best! But also poor Josh for getting stabbed. I’m also starting to notice that they both may be interested in the same things that others would call “crazy” but Josh is definitely a softie who would absolutely WORSHIP HER LIKE THE QUEEN THAT SHE IS!!! Aly is his dominant and I’m here for it!

  10. i usually wait to binge everything once completed but this has me hooked! new chapter announcement comes in and i drop everything! so good! and he’s ticklish 😂

  11. I was clicking on next chapter absentmindedly, being frustrated that my internet was not working. Until I saw NEXT CHAPTER COMING SOON BECAUSE I WAS THAT HOOKED

  12. How do you know that you are UNHINGED in the best way? You read Lights Out in PUBLIC at the doctor’s office! As you read, you make ALL the sounds (laugh, snicker, giggle, GASP,. etc.) while sitting in the waiting room – a FULL waiting room. And what do you do before you leave?? You recommend the future book to the nurse taking your blood (thinking of the stabbing) and URGE her to become a Dark Romance Darling with you!

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