1. The way i ran here as soon as I got the email this was posted 😂 im hooked and can’t wait to see where this goes

  2. I love your writing so much (and the dark spicy storyline is pretty good 🌶️🥵😂). I would love to learn more of the behind the scenes of your writing process, too!

    1. Thank you! I did a YouTube video years ago about how I use flow theory, but I plan to do more for social media and a blog article too 🥰

  3. Dammit. I’ve tried to wait to start reading this one because I wanted to be able to binge chunks of it all at once but I was at an 8 hour kiddo event yesterday so now you’ve hooked me with this one too.

  4. oh the disappointment i had while reading the “no spice” was so quickly turned into anticipation of what’s to come

  5. Yes! I haven’t been this happy about waiting for releases since Game of Thrones. And I am not unhappy about the split into two chapters. I love hearing the characters’s thoughts, and I’m all for a (slightly) slower burn 🔥

    1. Thank you! I really feel like I need to dig into their thoughts with this one because of the content.

  6. I told myself not to get on here today so I could let a couple chapters build up, but alas, here I am, craving more!!!

    Literally dreamt about this story last night. Seriously so impressed with your writing!

    Omg the damn cliffhanger, you can’t just edge us like that then leave us high and dry!!

    As always, love the chapter and the writing style. Reading bits of your work until the full version comes out is like watching a new series on TV, realizing you love it, and just patiently waiting for all of it to be released so you can binge later. OBVIOUSLY I can not wait until she knows both sides of Josh, but I love that he is trying to reassure her in the best way without ruining the mystery of who he is.

    Will continue to be parched until the next chapter 😅

  8. I’m so glad I found this on insta! Cannot wait for the next chapter. Don’t keep us waiting too long I’m hooked!

  9. I am SCREAMING! I am so hooked I kept consistently checking my emails to see if the new chapter was out. Not mad at all about the not spicy chapter, it builds the tension and makes the rest even better. I cannot wait for the next one!!

  10. I’m so here for this story! And I’m so grateful that chapter 6 started the way it did, or i once more might’ve gone “I’m too busy to read that rn” when the email came through and would have missed out on all this deliciousness!

  11. The way I screamed when I saw the new chapter! I’m so glad Aly is melting little by little. As she said, she deserves someone who’s obsessed after her and would do anything for her. One of the best couples out there 🥺💖

      1. Wait, but like tomorrow (21), or (22)? (I’m the author of this comment, but I’m curious too)
        (I’m from Poland, so time zone and everything works different 😅)

  12. Previous Kinks: hmm.. a few😉
    New Kinks Unlocked: 2
    Total Kinks: upgraded to SEVERAL 😈🔪👻👺

    Favorite Quote: I didn’t want him morally grey. I wanted someone with a soul as black as night. Someone who would burn the world down for me and not lose a minute of sleep over it” -Aly

    Yes. Please. And Thank You. TABLE FOR ONE 🙋🏽‍♀️AND CHECK!

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