Curse of the Cailleach


My life was good. I had a loving family, a thousand acres to roam, and plenty of deer to hunt. What more could a werewolf ask for?

Then my younger brother and twenty three other members of our pack were struck ill by a mysterious wasting sickness. My best friend Casey and I were sent on a recon mission to find out what the local clan of Celts knew about it. Turned out, they knew a hell of a lot more than we bargained for.

Now we’re stuck in the seventeenth century Scottish Highlands, struggling to find some way home. Oh yeah, and there’s a war going on. Everyone’s trying to kill each other. And us.

The good: men in kilts.

The bad: no bazooka to use against the men in kilts.

I guess claws will have to do.

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2 thoughts on “Curse of the Cailleach

  1. So far ‘everything’ I have read of Navessa Allen’s so far has been following a pheromone trail… some is good so you follow…one trail to another…better and better…then an untouchable orchids. Full bloom. That’s the rarity and the journey into her realm of writing has been this far. It’s also a blessing to receive a free novel from some one who is in it for the art. I went from reading a 2 line review of a completely obscure book to other reviews to other blurbs about the same, to be reading a creation not a mad production. I ABSOLUTELY will enjoy that much more.
    Thank You. Jenessa


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