8 thoughts on “A Fairy’s Tale – Chapters

    1. That’s my plan, Ju. I’m hoping to have my Scandal edits done within a month (fingers crossed!) and then I can get back to this and Curse of the Cailleach, both of which are a ton of fun to write 🙂


  1. I found “A Fairy’s Tale” through goodreads.com. I have enjoyed reading it so far, and was surprised to find it is a work in progress. Please consider posting a warning or labeling your books/stories as completed or in-progress so your readers will know if they’re in for a cliff-hanger! (Ok, maybe not quite a cliff-hanger, but at least an abrupt halt in the story.) If you can’t tell–I’m looking forward to reading the rest of it!

    I’m wishing you good luck on your Scandal edits, partly out of self-interest, because I want you to have time to finish A Fairy’s Tale! I will check out your other stories in the mean time.

    It’s wonderful that you enjoy writing, and that you freely share your talent with others!

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